“'There to meet with a small slug,' it beeped, 'of the genus A-Rth-Urp-Hil-Ipdenu.'
Bowerick Wowbagger's computer[src]

A-Rth-Urp-Hil-Ipdenu is a genus of slugs that originated from the planet Folfanga. They were small and semi-sentient. One of these slugs was visited by Bowerick Wowbagger after he visited Arthur Dent on Earth. Wowbagger called the slug "a brainless prat" and was badly slimed as a result.

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Wowbagger encountered one of these slugs while on his journey to insult everybody in the Universe, individually, personally, one by one, and alphabetically. Arthur Dent's full name is Arthur Philip Dent, hence why the A-Rth-Urp-Hil-Ipdenu was next in line after him.

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