The Great Hyperlobic Omni-Cognate Neutron Wrangler … could talk all four legs off an Arcturan Megadonkey - but only I could persuade it to go for a walk afterwards.
Deep Thought to Lunkwill and Fook[src]

The Arcturan MegaDonkey is an animal featured in the proverb "to talk all four legs off an Arcturan MegaDonkey." It is seen as a delicacy in some parts of the Universe and was served grated as part of a dinner on the planet Magrathea.

It is assumed that, along with the Arcturan Megagrasshopper, the MegaDonkey is a creature which originates from the planet Arcturus.



Primary Phase[]



The phrase "to talk all four legs off an Arcturan MegaDonkey" is a parody of the phrase "talk the hind legs off a donkey." The phrase means to talk incessantly, and talking the legs off a MegaDonkey is perhaps seen as more of a feat than to talk the legs off a regular - or Earth - donkey.