"Arthur Dent throwing the Nutrimatic cup" by digital artist Mike Rieder

Arthur Dent Throwing The Nutrimatic Cup is a fifteen-mile high statue on the planet of Brontitall.


The statue's face is covered in bird droppings. It has an elevator running down its spine to the ground, which is guarded by the Dolmansaxlil Corporation's armed foot robots. It is made of solid marble, and the higher parts of it are covered in ice. Its coffee cup is held in mid-air by the Power of Art. Since it is artistically correct that it stays where it is, there it remains.


The people of Brontitall made it after seeing a wormhole appear in the sky showing Arthur Dent aboard the Heart of Gold throwing a styrofoam coffee cup because the Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser didn't know how to make the traditional tea Arthur Dent had drunk on Earth. They have since evolved into birds as a result of a Shoe Event Horizon brought about by the Dolmansaxlil Galactic Shoe Corporation. They inhabit the statue's left ear.



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