Horse and groom barman-film

The barman of The Horse and Groom in the 2005 film.

The barman was a human bartender who served Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent three pints each at lunchtime on the Thursday that the Earth was destroyed.

He was a football supporter, believing Arsenal would lose the game that was to be played later that day. After being told the world was about to end, he called "last orders, please".


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The barman as seen in The Red Lion in the 1981 TV series.

The barman appeared in:

  • Fit the first of the original radio series.
  • The novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Episode 1 of the TV series
  • The 2005 movie.

Behind the scenes

The barman was portrayed by:


  • At the time of the creation of HHGTTG Arsenal were in something of a slump, unlikely to be heavily favoured in many league matches save by their diehard fans.
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