Colin! The Security Robot called Colin! After a dog!
—Colin the Security Robot on being given his new name

Colin the Security Robot, also known as Part #223219B, was a unit employed by InfiniDim Enterprises. He was found and reprogrammed by Ford Prefect, who subsequently named him Colin after a dog belonging to a person he knew called Emily Saunders.

Ford and colin by sayurikemiko

Ford and Colin by user e-c-h on Deviantart. ©2008-2018 e-c-h

After being reprogrammed to be happy, Colin was an over-excitable, over-joyed and very annoying floating robot - beforehand he was the complete opposite. He met Ford Prefect while Ford was climbing up a lift shaft. He threatened Ford to show his long list of expenses but after being reprogrammed, told Ford how to wipe them off the system. Ford used Colin to break into the Guide's corporate accounting software in order to plant a Trojan Horse module which automatically paid anything billed to his Infinidim Enterprises credit card.

He saved Ford's life after he was attacked by Vogons and forced to jump out a window of the Hitchhiker's offices by flying under Ford's towel and pulling him onto a window sill. Colin was last seen being sent (at the risk of possible lonely incineration) to look after the delivery of the Guide Mark II to Arthur Dent in the Vogon postal system.

Physical appearance[]

Colin was described as small, round, and melon-sized, small enough to have been able to be trapped in Ford's towel. He hovered or flew above the ground, and was made by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Ford himself said of the robot that "its motion sensors are the usual Sirius Cybernetics garbage."




Quintessential Phase[]