Fit the Fifteenth was the fifteenth episode or 'fit' of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the third in the Tertiary Phase.

Story Summary[]

On the starship Bistromath, Slartibartfast shows Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect an Informational Illusion, explaining about the planet Krikkit and its inhabitants. It shows how they discovered the rest of the Universe, and decided they would have to destroy it.

On the Heart of Gold, Zaphod Beeblebrox hears a sound like a hundred thousand people saying 'wop'. He investigates, and finds the Krikkit robots stealing the Infinite Improbability Drive, which is actually the Gold Bail of Prosperity. The robots shoot him and leave.

Back on the Bistromath, Slartibartfast shows Arthur and Ford the second half of the illusion, showing the trial of the Krikkiters, presided over by Judiciary Pag. He sentences them to be locked behind a Slo-Time Envelope. However, one ship escaped.

Slartibartfast tells them that the parts of the Wikkit Key, that locked the Slo-Time Envelope, have been reappearing. They have failed to retrieve The Wooden Pillar of Nature and Spirituality, the Ashes, and now they will go to a party to find the Silver Bail of Peace. Ford tells him that they have no chance of getting it, as the robots are obsessed and care about it more than they do, but agrees to go to the party, if only to drink a lot and dance with girls.

They teleport to the planet of the party, but Arthur finds himself in a cave somewhere completely different, without Ford or Slartibartfast. He sees neon signs with messages such as "DO NOT BE ALARMED. BE VERY VERY FRIGHTENED, ARTHUR DENT." Agrajag appears, saying the line "Bet you weren't expecting to see me again", and the episode ends before we learn who he is.

Cast and characters[]