Fit the Sixteenth is the sixteenth episode or 'fit' of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the fourth episode in the Tertiary Phase.

Story Summary[]

This episode starts where the last one left off - with Agrajag suddenly appearing, and claiming that Arthur Dent is on a vendetta to kill him in all his incarnations. He lists several of the times when Arthur has killed him, only to discover that one of them has not happened for Arthur, so it is logically impossible for Agrajag to kill him now. However, he tries. He collapses the mountain on top of them. Agrajag is killed, but Arthur manages to escape by learning to fly.

He manages to fly to the party, where he reconvenes with Slartibartfast and Ford. In the party, they find Trillian, who is being chatted up by Thor, and doesn't want to talk to them. Arthur manages to find the Silver Bail of Peace, disguised as a Rory Award, but it is stolen by the Krikkit robots.

Arthur tricks Thor into leaving without Trillian, and they take her with them back to the starship Bistromath.

The Krikkiters now have all five parts of the Wikkit Gate, and Slartibartfast announces that they must go to Krikkit and try to intervene, despite the low chances of them surviving.

Cast and characters[]