Fit the Thirty-First is the thirty-first episode or 'fit' of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the fifth in the Hexagonal Phase.

Plot Summary[]

There is a short Guide note, explaining the history of the Dentrassis. Wowbagger, Arthur, Ford, Trillian and Random arrive above the planet Nano in the Tanngrisnir. The computer detects that Thor and Zaphod are on the planet, so they land in a nearby field. Meanwhile, Zaphod tells Hillman Hunter that Aseed Preflux is in fact the same person as him from a few dimensions down the probability axis.

The Tanngrisnir has landed in a field full of Ameglian Major Cows, who beg to be eaten, causing Random to complain to Wowbagger that he landed there on purpose. Aseed Preflux approaches the group, and Wowbagger agrees to be the champion for The Cheese and fight Thor.

Zaphod meets with Trillian, who announces that she is in love with Wowbagger. Ford and Arthur tell Zaphod that the Vogons are on their way to Nano, but Zaphod dismisses them, saying that they won't make it for a few centuries due to some bendy hyperspace.

Ford tells Arthur that he will referee that match between Wowbagger and Thor in order to stop anyone being seriously hurt.

The Vogons arrive above the planet Nano. Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz gives a pep talk to the crew. Constant Mown announces that the torpedoes will be charged in time.

A ship descends on Nano after a journey so long it took most of the crew's lives and delivers a package to Random, who shows her father that it contains two elastic bands.

Meanwhile, Ford announces the start of the fight. Wowbagger taunts Thor for a while, then Thor hits him with Mjollnir. He is driven underground, but he survives. Between rounds, Random gives Thor the two elastics bands to put on Mjollnir, saying they can kill Wowbagger because they came from the same event that made him immortal. Thor hits Wowbagger again, and this time is able to hurt him. He is still alive, but he has lost his immortality and renounces the Cheese, so Thor wins the fight.

Thor takes Wowbagger and Trillian back to the Tanngrisnir. It's a happy ending - but the Vogons are still above the planet.

Cast and Characters[]