Fit the Thirty-Second is the thirty-second episode or 'fit' of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the sixth and last episode in the Hexagonal Phase.

Plot Summary[]

The Vogons' ship, the Business End, moves over Nano, preparing to destroy it. Constant Mown points out that there is a god on the surface. The Gunner Vogon fires anyway, in order to distract Thor while they load the QUEST.

Zaphod and Thor look over the contract from Hillman Hunter. Random and Arthur are talking when Ford arrives and says they have to leave because of the Vogons. Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz announces the destruction of the planet, but Thor flies to the missiles and destroys them as they are shot, with Zaphod filming the entire thing.

Mown points out that the god is Thor, but Jeltz launches the QUEST anyway. Thor almost misses it, but catches up. The missile detonates and Thor vanishes. Zaphod manages to catch his helmet on his head.

The gunner is about to shoot again, but Mown protests and points out that since the humans bought Nano from the Magratheans, they are legally Nanites. Jeltz realises that this is true and does not shoot, leaving instead.

The Nanites celebrate, but Zaphod leaves quietly, only telling Ford. On the Heart of Gold, Left Brain tells him there is a message from Thor, saying he's not dead. Zaphod and LB plan to raise funds for re-election.

Random applies for citizenship and becomes Hillman's assistant. Arthur goes on a trip, seeking something. Ford tells him that he can't accompany him as he is reviewing all of Nano's spas for the Guide. When Arthur is on the same hyperspace jump as the one where he lost Fenchurch, she suddenly appears, but he disappears and only glimpses her for an instant.

His incredible bad luck causes very good luck for a Mr A. G. Rajag - an incarnation of Agrajag. Arthur returns to the hut he had in the Guide Mk. II Construct. Remarkably, it is there, but the Vogons are also there because he forgot to file a planning permit for it. Luckily, Fenchurch is also there and fills out the application for him. Because of this, Mr Rajag is discovered to have cheated at the lottery and is fed to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

Cast and Characters[]