Fit the Twenty-First is the twenty-first episode or 'fit' of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the third in the Quandary Phase.

Story summary[]

Fenchurch tells Arthur Dent about her revelation at the time of the Vogon Constructor Fleet's visit, and how she forgot about it immediately afterwards.

She tells him that there is something wrong with her, and he eventually figures out that her feet hover about an inch above the ground. He suspects that she can fly like he can, and he is proved right. They fly around Islington, and even onto the wing of a plane. Although they do not realise it, they are seen by Enid Kapelsen.

As they are curious about the dolphins, Arthur calls Murray Bost Henson to find more information. They travel to California (meeting Enid Kapelsen on the plane) in order to meet Wonko the Sane, also known as John Watson, who knows more about dolphins than anyone else on the planet.

Wonko lives in a house called The Outside of the Asylum, which is completely inside out. They realise that all three of them have the same bowl, with the message "So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish" inscribed on them. However, Wonko is the only one that knows if they hold a bowl to their ear and ping it, it plays a recorded message of the inscription.

Meanwhile, a Vogon inquiry discovers that Earth is still in existence due to it being in a Plural zone. The Vogons decide to destroy all possible versions of Earth, even though the bypass project has been cancelled.

Ford Prefect struggles to sleep aboard the ship he is hitchhiking on. He realises the ship is passing through a war.

Cast and characters[]