Fit the Twenty-Second is the twenty-second episode or 'fit' of the radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the fourth and last episode in the Quandary Phase.

Story summary[]

Arthur Dent and Fenchurch return home and hear the news about the spaceship which has landed in London. Arthur sees tell-tale signs around his house that suggest Ford Prefect is there, and he is proved right. Ford is drunk, and he insists on telling Arthur all about how he got there, which involves ruining several pieces of good furniture.

It turns out that Ford arrived on the spaceship on the news, and he manages to get all three of them on it as it leaves. Arthur begins to think that this is not the Earth they knew. He saw a Tricia McMillan on the news who was blonde and had an American accent, but is otherwise identical to Trillian.

Arthur and Fenchurch go to see God's Final Message to His Creation, and meet Marvin there. Marvin has travelled through time so much he is now thirty-seven times older than the Universe itself, and so he is falling apart. Arthur and Fenchurch help him get to the message and read it. Announcing that he thinks he feels good about the message, Marvin dies.

Arthur and Fenchurch decide to travel the Universe and see the sights. However, on a hyperspace trip, Fenchurch suddenly and inexplicably vanishes in the middle of a hyperspace jump. Arthur, distraught, asks the stewardess about her, only to find that no-one else has any idea that she ever existed.

Cast and characters[]