Flaybooz are small, rodent-like creatures which are known for exploding suddenly. They first appeared in Eoin Colfer's novel And Another Thing....

Thor, the Asgardian and part-time rock god, held the record for spontaneous flaybooz detonation when he debuted his new tune “You Wanna Get Hammered?” from a chariot in orbit around Sqornshellous Delta. The record had previously been held by intergalactic rock stars Disaster Area who dropped a speaker bomb into a volcano crater where the flaybooz were enjoying a static electricity festival.

It is the male flaybooz who nurtures their young. A full-grown flaybooz can fit up to fifty young in his pouch, but generally, there is only room for a couple, as males like to carry around a small tool kit in case of emergencies, sometimes along with a few beers, and a copy of Furballs Quarterly.

In her imagined world, Random Dent married a flaybooz named Fertle.

Physical appearance

Flaybooz are described as small and gerbil-like. Though flaybooz have no ears, they are said to be extremely sensitive to vibration which is what causes them to explode in extreme circumstances.