This page refers to the Guide Mark II. If you are looking for the artificial reality created by the Guide Mark II see Guide Mk. II Construct.

The Guide Mark II was the second, more powerful version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy created by Infinidim Enterprises for the Vogons to finish their job of destroying the Earth once and for all. It was voiced in the final radio series by Professor Stephen Hawking.

This Guide made use of Unfiltered Perception technology, which allowed it to perceive and interact with any and all planes of existence, including at least 22 spatial dimensions, multiple temporal dimensions and the entire array of the axis of probability. The reasoning behind this technology was to enable the selling and distribution of multiple Guides with only ever creating one (since the Guide Mark II is present in all universes simultaneously).

The Vogons then created it in order to fulfil their goal of completely annihilating Earth. It used a process called Reverse Temporal Engineering to trigger a series of seemingly random events to cause a desired outcome in the present, and to this end, it destroyed every version of Earth in every universe. The Mark II had infallible prescient deduction abilities due to the omniscience and precognition that came with its omnipresence, as well as the ability to move and distort its physical avatar through multiple dimensions. It also seems to be able to manipulate the fabric of spacetime, altering its shape and behaviour.


While the original Guide looked like a laptop, the Guide Mark II was a black featureless disc with no markings. The original Guide had "Don't Panic" printed on its cover; the new Guide just said "Panic."

The Guide Mark II also took the appearance of a pitch-black Pikka bird, while at the same time had a very vivid blue and pink colouration. Attempts to determine its size were apparently futile.




Quintessential Phase[]

Hexagonal Phase[]