Jaglan Beta is the second planet from the star Jaglan, near the Axel Nebula. It has at least three, cold moons and if you should find yourself there it is useful to wrap a towel around you for warmth, according to the Guide.[1]

In the parking lot at Milliways, Ford Prefect briefly recounts a tale about being passed by a Lazlar Lyricon custom spaceship that subsequently crashed into the third moon of Jaglan Beta, observing that the ship looked like a fish and moved like a fish, but steered like a cow.

It is featured in the popular tune, "I Left My Leg in Jaglan Beta". The news corporation Jaglan Echo called Disaster Area's music "probably the worst thing in the galaxy."[2] Jaglan Beta is home to the Headless Horsemen tribe.[3]

The Saturday Walking Club were planning a hike to Milliways with a possible shortcut home through Jaglan Beta and its moons. However news that the Headless Horsemen there had recently run amok, caused the club to reconsider the trip, which was planned for early April.





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