Oh don't give me none more of that Old Janx Spirit
No, don't you give me none more of that Old Janx Spirit
For my head will fly, my tongue will lie, my eyes will fry and I may die
Won't you pour me one more of that sinful Old Janx Spirit
—An ancient Orion mining song[src]

Janx Spirit - almost exclusively referred to as "That Old Janx Spirit" - is an extremely potent alcoholic beverage, and is used heavily in drinking games that are played in the hyperspace ports that serve the madranite mining belts in the star system of Orion Beta.

Drinking game


Old Janx Spirit

A fan version of the ancient Orion mining song.

The game is not unlike the Earth game called Indian Wrestling, and is played like this:

  1. Two contestants sit at either side of a table, with a glass in front of each of them
  2. Between them would be placed a bottle of Janx Spirit.
  3. Each of the two contestants would then concentrate their will on the bottle and attempt to tip it and pour spirit into the glass of his opponent - who would then have to drink it.
  4. The bottle would then be refilled. The game would be played again. And again.

Once you started to lose you would probably keep losing, because one of the effects of Janx Spirit is to depress telepsychic power. As soon as a predetermined quantity had been consumed, the final loser would have to perform a forfeit, which was usually obscenely biological.

Ford Prefect usually played to lose.[1]




Behind the scenes

Ol' Janx Spirit also appears in the Star Wars universe, featuring in MedStar II: Jedi Healer and the novel The Force Unleashed II.

Notes and references

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