Kakrafoon Kappa is the tenth planet of the Kakrafoon system. A planet comprised almost wholly of arid red desert, it is home to an annoyingly accomplished and enlightened race called the Belcerebons.


The irritatingly advanced and civilized lifestyle common on this planet, combined with the infuriating and inconsiderate silence which is one of the defining characteristics of the Belcerebon people, had predictably driven its surrounding planets completely mad with indignation.

This was obviously something for which they would not stand.

As a result, the people of Kakrafoon were sentenced by Galactic tribunal to a curse of telepathy. Any thought, if not articulated and verbalized immediately, would thenceforward be broadcast for everyone to hear across Kakrafoon's smug neighbouring planets.

The Curse's Banishment[]

The telepathy was dispersed forever and miraculously while Kakrafoon was playing host to a Disaster Area concert.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say on the concert:

  • "...the pounding desert cracked along a deep faultline. A huge and hitherto undetected underground river lying far beneath the sand gushed to the surface to be followed seconds later by the eruption of millions of tons of boiling lava that flowed hundreds of feet into the air, instantaneously vaporizing the river both above and below the surface in an explosion that echoed to the far side of the world and back again."

Solar radiation as a result of a Disaster Area stunt then filtered through a cloud of vaporized water, subtly changing the atmosphere.

This both effectively lifted the telepathy and, through the atmospheric changes that ensued, made the world of Kakrafoon into a green, flowery planet which was by degrees more hospitable. One Disaster Area spokesperson called it "a good gig."


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