Lig Lury Jr was the fourth editor of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who was known for taking the most extensive lunch-break ever seen in the offices of Megadodo Publications. He was first mentioned in the third book in the Hitchhiker's series; Life, the Universe and Everything.


Lig became known for venturing on extremely adventurous lunch-breaks; thanks to the creator of the Guide, Hurling Frootmig, who had developed and explored the role of the editorial lunch-break early on in the Guide's history. Lig's lunch-breaks were of such a breathtaking scope that even the efforts of more recent editors, who had started undertaking sponsored lunch-breaks for charity, were said to “seem like mere sandwiches in comparison.”


Lig never formally resigned his editorship as he merely left his office one morning and never returned, resulting in his office being preserved the way he left it, with the addition of a small sign which read: “Lig Lury Jr, Editor, Missing, Presumed Fed”. He was never replaced; all editors since him were considered “designated acting editors”.

As of the events of Life, the Universe and Everything, well over a century had passed since Lig's disappearance, however many members of staff who worked for the Guide still believed in the romantic notion that Lig had simply “popped out for a ham croissant”, and they waited for him to return to “put in a solid afternoon's work.”

Some subversive sources hinted at the idea that Lig may have perished in the Guide's first extraordinary experiments in alternative book-keeping. The details of these book-keeping efforts were not well known, nor spoken about. This was due to the fact that anyone who called attention to the coincidence that every world on which the Guide had ever set up an accounting department perished in some kind of natural disaster was liable to be sued “to smithereens.”