Nanoism is a religion created by Hillman Hunter in order to attract attention to his newly opened spa residence. Followers of Nanoism are known as Nanites. Nanites believe in the existence of Nano, a planet which one day, according to Nanoism lore, God's faithful shall be gathered up and flown off to, first class, where they will live in peace. Hillman Hunter, the founder of Nanoism, cut a deal with Zaphod Beeblebrox, and the Nanites were flown to a planet that Hillman convinced them was Nano.

There was a short conflict with a rival religious group, the Tyromancers, but, after the Nanites accepted Thor as their god and he beat the Tyromancers' champion Wowbagger in a battle, Nanoism was accepted as the official religion of Nano.


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