The Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser also known as the Nutrimat Machine and the Nutri-Matic Drinks Dispenser is a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation product designed to work out what drink someone wants through taste bud patterns and neurological signals. It is well known for producing a liquid which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.


A Nutrimatic Machine was installed on the Heart of Gold and Arthur Dent, who found that the tea it made was not anything like what he had experienced on Earth, threw the styrofoam cup in anger at the overly chirpy and happy machine that would not fulfil his wishes. Then he told it he simply wanted leaves in boiled water.

The Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser, when confronted with the question, 'why does the Earthman want leaves in boiled water', occupied all the Heart of Gold's computers calculating it. The answer was, 'because he's an ignorant monkey who doesn't know any better.' During this time, the Heart of Gold was under attack from the Vogon Fleet and as the computers were occupied, it couldn't run the Infinite Improbability Drive to escape.

Centuries ago, the people of Brontitall who have since evolved into birds saw a wormhole appear in the sky showing Arthur Dent throwing the Nutrimatic cup. They have made a huge statue of this, fifteen miles high, with the Nutrimatic cup suspended by the Power of Art. Since it is artistically correct for the cup to be where it is, there it remains. They now inhabit the statue's left ear. They saw the vision through the wormhole as a sign to rebel against technology and therefore had all their robots shipped to other planets to make toupees for planets who had lost all their trees due to deforestation.



Secondary Phase[]