Grunthos the Flatulent reading his poem.

Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning is a poem by Grunthos the Flatulent, a Poet Master of the Azgoths of Kria. During a reading of the poem, four audience members died of internal haemorrhaging and the President of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived by gnawing one of his own legs off. Grunthos was reported to have been "disappointed" by the poem's reception. This poetic reading was the direct cause of Grunthos' own large intestine leaping up through his body and throttling his brain.


Putty. Putty. Putty.
Green Putty - Grutty Peen.
Grarmpitutty - Morning!
Pridsummer - Grorning Utty!
Discovery..... Oh.
Putty?..... Armpit?
Armpit..... Putty.
Not even a particularly
Nice shade of green.
As I lick my armpit and shall agree,
That this putty is very well green.