A packet of peanuts, likely similar to the packets that Ford picked up for his trip into Hyperspace.

Peanuts or groundnuts are part of the legume or "bean" family. Ford Prefect buys four packets of peanuts from the pub, before using the Electronic Thumb to hitch a ride from the Vogons.

Peanuts, because of the high salt and protein content, can be useful for regaining energy after travelling through Hyperspace, and it is because of this that Ford gave some peanuts to Arthur Dent after his first trip through Hyperspace.

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Ford helping himself to peanuts in the 1981 TV show.


  • At the time the original "Hitchhiker's" was conceived, British pubs traditionally sold packets of peanuts from cardboard displays which, as the products were removed, revealed an image of a topless girl, in the manner of the Page 3 pictures in newspapers of the era.


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