So... Earthlings... I present you with a simple choice. I was going to throw you out into the empty blackness of space to die horribly and slowly, but there is one way, one simple way, in which you may save yourselves. Now think very carefully, for you hold your very lives in your hands. Now choose: either die in the vacuum of space or... tell me how good you thought my poem was.
—Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz to Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect[src]

Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz is a cruel and brutish Vogon civil servant and the commander of the Vogon Constructor Fleet which was sent to destroy the planet Earth. Jeltz did not like hitchhikers, but he loved to be angry, quite frequently putting him at odds with the crew of the Heart of Gold.


Vogon jeltz

Jeltz reading his poetry to Arthur and Ford.

Once Jeltz entered the Vogon Civil Service, he held a busy schedule. He was chosen by Gag Halfrunt as the Vogon to lead the Constructor Fleet on its scheduled demolition of Earth, to make way for a hyperspace bypass. Just before demolishing the Earth, Jeltz had an unhappy love affair.

When the human Arthur Dent and Betelgeusian Ford Prefect used the Electronic Thumb to hitchhike onto Vogon flagship, Jeltz sent out a search party to find the hitchhikers. Once found, Jeltz read a fetid little passage of poetry to them. He ignored their attempts to save themselves and instead ordered for them to be thrown out of the third airlock.[1][2]


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