Random Frequent Flyer Dent is the daughter of Arthur Dent and Trillian Astra, created when Trillian sought out a sperm bank. Trillian did not realise until later that Arthur must be the father, given that he was the only other surviving human.[1]


When Trillian, in a new career as a reporter for a Sub-Etha news network, needs to leave Random unattended to go cover a war, she deposits the teenager with Arthur Dent, informing him for the first time that she exists, and then leaves.

Random at first hates her father and the "boring" life that comes with him. Ultimately Random comes into contact with The Guide Mark II sent to Arthur by Ford Prefect, which allows her to travel between dimensions and find a universe where Earth has not yet been destroyed. Random is later joined by Arthur, Ford and Trillian at Earth. Random later held a nightclub where the Tricia McMillan of that Earth was a member of hostage (Stavro Mueller's Beta). It is at Beta that the group is standing when this new version of Earth is destroyed by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz.

In the construct generated by The Guide Mark II, Random has become Galactic President and is married to Fertle, a flaybooz, which is a sort of telepathic gerbil and her constant companion.

After being rescued from the destruction of Earth by Zaphod Beeblebrox, and then again by the immortal Bowerick Wowbagger, Random became infuriated with Wowbagger and decided to find a way to kill him. She eventually succeeded in making him mortal by giving Thor elastic bands - a crucial part of the accident that made Wowbagger immortal - and had him wrap them around Mjolnir before hitting him with it, but ultimately relented after seeing how upset this made her mother. She ran for office on the planet Nano in the hopes of starting a political career.





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Notes and references[]

  1. This presumably does not count Elvis, who appears nightly at the bar The Domain of The King