St. Antwelm was a celebrated king who had made a great and popular assumption. During his lifetime King Antwelm had assumed was that what everybody wanted, all other things being equal, was to be happy and enjoy themselves and have the best possible time together. On his death his entire personal fortune went towards to financing an annual festival on his planet of Saquo-Pilia Hensha to remind everyone of this. The festival continued as an annual feast, with lots of good food and dancing and games, including one named Hunt the Wocket. Ford Prefect once went to Saquo-Pilia Hensha during St. Antwelm's festival and thought that it had a carnival atmosphere, which he had liked.

After his death, Antwelm he was made a saint, as his assumption had been considered a brilliant one. As well as his becoming a saint, all the people who had previously been made saints for doing things that were thought to be embarrassing in comparison, such as being stoned to death, were instantly demoted.