Stagyar-zil-Doggo was an editor-in-chief for the travel guide The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who was considered dangerously unbalanced due to his homicidal view of staff who came to his office without any new, finalised contributions for the Guide. He had a battery of laser-guided guns linked to special scanning devices in the door frame of his office to deter any members of staff who were intending to bring him excuses as to why they hadn't written anything, which resulted in a high level of output for the company.

He was replaced by the new editor-in-chief Vann Harl when Infinidim Enterprises bought out the Guide. When he worked for the Guide, zil-Doggo had a drinks trolley which contained some of the galaxy's most potent and expensive beverages, which Harl thought would help to console him as he dealt with the loss of his job.

Personality and traits[]

Ford Prefect considered zil-Doggo a "hell of an individual" and noted that nobody would have called him smooth-faced, for a variety of reasons. His successor as editor-in-chief, Vann Harl, said that zil-Doggo was under-structured, over-resourced, under-managed and over-inebriated.