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Stavromula Beta (also known as Stavro Mueller Beta) was a nightclub and bar in London on the planet Earth. It appeared in Mostly Harmless; the fifth book in the Hitchhiker's series.

It was run by one of Agrajag's reincarnations, Stavro Mueller, and Arthur Dent discovered its name after visiting Agrajag's Cathedral of Hate. After escaping, Arthur mistakenly thought Stavromula Beta was a planet and asked everyone about it, but no-one knew about it. It was the second of two such clubs owned by Starvro Mueller, with the first being named Alpha instead of Beta, and based in New York instead of London.

In the last chapter of the book Mostly Harmless, Random Dent, after demanding to get into a bar, meets her mother Trillian Astra there and is about to lower her gun, when suddenly Stavro Mueller appears. Random Dent shoots her gun at Arthur, however, it hits, and kills, Agrajag (as Stavro Mueller).

After this series of events, Ford Prefect gives Arthur a matchbox where he reads the name of the bar. Arthur knows, that because he has now been to Stavromula Beta, he can finally die. It was impossible for Arthur to die before being here, as Agrajag went there before the Cathedral of Hate in his personal timeline, but Arthur Dent went there afterwards.

It became the place that Arthur, Ford Prefect, Random and Trillian were in when the Earth was destroyed for the second time.