Stephen Moore played the voice of Marvin in the radio and TV series. He also played a few minor roles in the radio shows such as Gag Halfrunt, the whale (uncredited), and The Man in the Shack. After Moore's retirement, Jim Broadbent took over the role of Marvin in the 2018 radio adaptation of And Another Thing....

Moore has had numerous appearances on stage at the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and London's West End. He has also appeared in the television series Rock Follies, The Last Place On Earth and Doctor Who.

He also played Odin in series two of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on BBC Radio 4[1], adapted from two of Douglas Adams' other books (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul). This radio series also starred Peter Davison (who also appeared in the Hitchhiker's TV series) and Michael Fenton Stevens (who appeared in the Hitchhiker's radio series) and was directed by Dirk Maggs who was chosen by Adams to produce the Tertiary, Quandary and Quintessential phases of the radio series.

Adams said of Moore that "Stephen would find the character immediately and would make it really excellent."

Moore was also the reader of the original audiobook versions of the Hitchhiker's Guide series, books one through five.



As Marvin the Paranoid Android

Primary Phase[]

Secondary Phase[]

Tertiary Phase[]

Quandary Phase[]

As Gag Halfrunt

Primary Phase[]

  • Fit the Second

Secondary Phase[]

  • Fit the Seventh
  • Fit the Ninth

As Sperm Whale

  • Fit the Third

As Vogon Guard

  • Fit the Ninth

As Pupil

  • Fit the Eleventh

As The Man in the Shack

  • Fit the Twelfth

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