The Big Bang Burger Bar was a bar that was built at the very beginning of time.

It was installed just before the beginning of time to enable guests to arrive and watch the beginning of creation itself. The bar was named after the Big Bang, which it allows it's guests to view while enjoying a nice meal.

Max Quordlepleen was known to perform here, having entertained guests at the Big Bang Burger Bar not long before being the compère at Milliways when Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Zaphod Beeblebrox, and Trillian arrived there.

It is likely that The Big Bang Burger Bar works around similar time-bending rules as Milliways does, in order to enable guests to come back time after time without bumping into themselves, as this would cause no end of embarrassment.


The Big Bang Burger Bar is mentioned in:


  • Fit the Fifth of the Primary Phase. (In the radio series it was referred to as the Big Bang Burger Chef instead of the Big Bang Burger Bar, but it is presumed they are the same place under different names.)



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