Thor is a Norse Thunder God who, unconditionally, makes thunder. He wields the hammer Mjolnir. Thor resides in Asgard, has a brother named Loki, and his father is Odin.


At one point, Thor dined at Milliways with several other Norse Gods.

Thor also attended The Longest Cocktail Party, where he met Arthur Dent and Trillian. Thor, given his divine nature, combat skills and physique, found Arthur singularly unimpressive, especially when the thunder god was attempting to fascinate Trillian and the Earthman interrupted him. This ended up in Arthur challenging Thor to a fight, but only to distract him to get Trillian away.

Thor used to be friends with Zaphod Beeblebrox until Zaphod convinced him to be in a rather classless sub-etha video (involving a latex bustier and Damogranian pom-pom squids). In the aftermath, his father Odin blew up the planet where said video was filmed. As result, Thor is now the 68th most popular deity in the universe, behind Skaoi, the god of snowshoes.

Thor was later approached by Zaphod because he wanted Thor to help him kill Bowerick Wowbagger. Thor became the god of the Nanites (the people of Nano), replacing the controversy about the cheese god. He pretended to kill himself in the process of protecting his followers, and during this he knocked out Wowbagger's immortality with the help of Random Dent, who gave him elastic bands to put on his hammer. Zaphod arranged some of these events and once again became friends with Thor in the aftermath.



Tertiary Phase[]

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