This page refers to the alternate Tricia McMillan from Mostly Harmless and the Quintessential Phase, if you are looking for the main character see Trillian .

Tricia McMillan is an alternate reality version of Trillian Astra.


Creation of alternate reality version[]

Tricia McMillan did not deviate from Trillian Astra's path until the party where Zaphod Beeblebrox appeared and asked her to come with him, revealing himself to be an alien. Tricia accepted, but went back to get her bag. An impatient Zaphod then left before she returned.

Life afterwards[]

Tricia, who was a news anchor for a local news network, was in New York, hoping to get a job on NBS's U.S./A.M.. While waiting for a call, Tricia met astrologer Gail Andrews, who she had had an argument with previously that day concerning the newly discovered planet Rupert. This conversation, however, prevented her from hearing about a call she'd received from Andy Martin. Her late arrival sealed her doom. Disappointed, Tricia flew back to her home, where the Grebulons invited her to come to Rupert to re-calculate their horoscopes relevant to Rupert. Thinking she could sell a video recording of it to the general media, Tricia agreed. After the recording was over, Tricia realized that the recording was useless, looking exactly like a faked video. Flying back to Earth, she crossed paths with Random Dent, who mistakenly thought Tricia was her mother and attacked her. Tricia, with the aid of Arthur, Ford, and Trillian, brought her to Stavro Mueller Beta. The Grebulons, wanting to prevent a bad month according to their horoscopes, began to destroy Earth in all dimensions.[1]


Since Tricia was not included in Random's request to the Guide Mk II, she was not in the construct and thus did not live a virtual life like the others. As the Grebulons continued to destroy Earth, Tricia decided to try to convince them to stop. As she headed towards the Grebulon ship, however, a death beam destroyed the building she was in, killing Tricia.[2]

Notes and references[]

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