Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that I am planning to finally update the infoboxes to the new system. 

In short, this will mean:

  • Infoboxes will be more compatible with source code
  • Infoboxes will be much easier to edit
  • There will be more fields available to add
  • It will be easier to use the infobox code and make changes
  • Sections will be able to be added in the infoboxes
  • The layout will be a lot neater and more modern

This will be a really positive change to our Wiki, the information will be staying the same, but the layout will be much improved and the new code is a lot shorter and easier to work with. We'll be able to just upload images into infoboxes instead of having to use the code for linking an image, and a lot of values will be pre-set instead of having to type a lot of things in manually every time.

I hope this will mean we can add more info to our articles, and that infoboxes will be easier to work with!

I will be making these updates over the next week, hopefully it won't take long. I ask for your patience during this time and it would be best to avoid making changes to infoboxes in the next week as info might need to be re-inputted. 

The templates will be updated in stages:

  1. All templates will be migrated to the new format
  1. Templates will have extra fields and sections added wherever possible
  1. Infobox CSS will be edited to give our inboxes a unique look
  1. Infobox colour and styles will be edited individually to give different colours to different categories

Any updates will be added to this blog post!

Thanks for reading.


UPDATE: As of Feb 5th, all infoboxes have been updated to the new format and have had new fields added, so we can put more info in our infoboxes and thus our pages! I'm going to be working on infoboxes having different colours for different topics soon, and I'm currently adding infoboxes to all applicable pages and filling out the info.

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