Hi all, just wanted to make you aware that the Main Page has been put under Protection due to recent graffiti. 

Thankyou to CarterMahoney for the warning about this particular user, and to Sir Maximillian for reverting said graffiti! Very glad to see community spirit in action despite such disappointing behaviour from that user.

Due to the high volume amounts of graffiti this user has been undertaking, and the fact that they seem keen to continue this behaviour, I have decided to put the Main Page under Protection for an unspecified amount of time in order to save us from having to keep reverting any more graffiti. We have been warned that our Wiki is a target for them, so I think it a good idea to put up some extra precautions for the time being.

I'll be contacting FANDOM Staff about this user, if anyone else would like to join me in reporting this vandal that would probably help with ending their vandalism activities and making us feel safe to edit openly and freely, and to keep pages open to all instead of having to restrict them. As it stands, the Main Page is only able to be edited by administrators and content moderators, however it doesn't require much editing except from updating the Community Poll - which, as this is a good time to mention it, will be updated soon with a new set of questions, so keep a look out!

Thanks for your time, as always, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this situation.


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