Hello all!

I just realised it's been a year since I adopted this Wiki - how time flies when you're on a planet with a 365 day year, give or take a leap year!

It's interesting to look back and compare the Wiki to how it was a year ago, it was like a packet of biscuits left forgotten in the back of a mouldy cupboard, but now look at it! We get people updating each week, the logo now makes it clear that this isn't a Wiki about general hitchhiking and backpacking, and our main characters have information on their pages! Wonderful stuff! It makes me quite proud to be part of a community that has helped bring this Wiki up to date, into the 21st century and beyond!

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed and left their footprint on this moon of a Wiki, no Wiki can survive without fans and volunteers alike who see a poor page in need and give it a little bit of TLC. 

I do regret not having all the time in the world to sit at my laptop and let my inner perfectionist go wild improving this Wiki, but when I adopted it I didn't have a job, and now I have two, so I'm quite busy these days! However, please do know I have no intentions of forgetting this Wiki or neglecting it - Hitchhiker's has been and always will be a special interest in my heart and even if I'm not editing I do check the Wiki every day just to see what's going on and to keep an eye on pesky trolls. If I ever feel I can't adequately admin this page alone I will seek out replacements and I won't leave this Wiki unmanaged unless there is a terrible incident involving a hyper-space bypass being built right through my planet. 

As always, feel free to comment below with any issues you've noticed that need fixing by an admin, and feel free to offer any suggestions for improvements that are needed that aren't already on the to-do list on my profile! We'll probably be in need of a new poll on the Main Page soon, and a new Featured Article to promote, so please do let me know your suggestions for those!

Thanks again!