Hello all! I hope February is treating you well.

I've been wanting to update our logo (or wordmark, if you want to be fancy) for quite a while. In the past we've had issues with people thinking this Wiki is about Hitchhiking in general... and the logo just saying 'Hitchhiker Wiki' didn't make it much clearer! (Though it was a cool sci-fi font.)

I've changed the logo to say 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Wiki' with an image of the thumb-in-planet logo next to it, just to make sure it's very clear what we are about. As the Wiki is now pretty active and, thanks to the hard work of our community, has a lot of updated and informational articles, I thought it was a good time to update our brand, so to speak.

I hope the logo is clear and accessible to most. I used colours from our background as the colours for the text and chose a simple font to keep things clear and simple, but hopefully not too boring or anything.

I'd love your feedback and I hope you think it looks okay.

Thanks for your time!


P.s. Here's an image of it as it hasn't fully loaded onto all our pages yet and bypassing the cache won't always show it at the moment. Like all theme updates, it'll be fully integrated within a few hours.