Well, perhaps not exactly. ​​​​​​I haven't been keeping a prescise tally, but that had a better ring to it than "About three weeks or so ago". I suppose this is an occasion. Not a momentous occasion, perhaps not even a grand occasion, but an occasion nonetheless. 

I had known about the movie for some time, seeing it flash across the screen on Netflix on my family movie nights. I vaguely knew there were books, but I had no idea what it was about. For some while I had suggested to my family to watch it, but on family movie night we all have to agree and my mom's not that into sci-fi, and my dad said I wouldn't get all the British humor. 

Movie nights are Saturdays and Sundays, and one night after seeing it suggested but eventually having the family settle on a RiffTrax instead, I had school the next day. Fast forward to a few days later, my band class had a substitute, and my teacher gives subs movies, and it turns out the movie was the Hitchhiker's Guide movie that I'd been wanting to watch for some time! That day was a minimum day, and the class was loud (there's 72 or so of us) so I didn't have the best viewing experience. I was hooked already, so when I went home I told my family what had happened, turned on Netflix, and watched it from the start with everybody (but my mom took a nap through it). After watching it, I decided to find all the other mediums this was on and read/watch/play/listen to all of them.

Last week I finished the book series proper (1-6). I have been diligently working to finish the video game, but keep dying without saving (ok the last time I had almost finished but my cat walked on my keyboard so there was nothing I could do). I watched, re-watched, and re-re-watched the TV series and the movie - and to be fair I do not hate the movie, it brought new stuff to the table, but the TV version is better- and I put on the radio series in the background of homework or housework.

I'm very glad I got introduced to this wonderful series so, if you see this Mr. Stephan, thanks for all the fish!

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