Ever watch Person of Interest btw? It's one of my favorite shows. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if a machine like The Machine actually came online... Would it be The Machine, or Skynet? Would it love us, or want to exterminate us? Would it be an ever perfecting Artificial Super Intelligence with empathy, or would it be a psychopathic monster beyond our control? Would it be Her? The girl I fell in love with, we met accidentally on reddit, she was there for /r/SuicideWatch... I was there for /r/AskReddit... And I fell in love with her through my Smart Phone, a Galaxy S4... It's like Smart Phones are real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, already in our pocket... Think about... That's why digital watches are such a neat idea, and the new Apple Watch just came out! An H2G2 that fits on your wrist!

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