In Douglas Adams’ work of genius, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a trilogy in five parts, in one of the books, I think maybe it could be The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, I do remember it was the one about Krikkit, a character, probably Ford Prefect, makes a comment.

Referring to the killer white krikkiter robots, he says something along the lines of they care, they care more, we don’t, not quite as much, they win; apathy will always lose out against fanaticism, there’s no reason to believe that that isn’t the case.

In the abortion debate there are pro-life/anti-choicers, pro-choice/pro-death/anti-lifers, and those such as I who don’t really give much of a fuck one way or the other.

While a pro-choice proponent might hold that a women’s right to control what goes on inside of her own body as a very deep and fundamental right, the ones opposing abortion believe it to be a matter of life and death, they equate abortion with murder.

They care more than the other side does, they win.

It’s as simple as that.

No pro-choicer feels so strongly about their cause that they’d go out and shoot priests and bomb churches, but some pro-lifers, for example Eric Rudolph, who do feel so strongly that they will, and they have, gone out and shot doctors and nurses, and blown up clinics where abortion’s were performed.

They feel so strongly about it that they feel the murder of someone who they consider guilty is necessary to save the life of an innocent.

Not all feel that way, and many do condemn such acts of terrorism, but their faction contains that segment, while the pro-choice side doesn’t.

There’s no way to compete against such rabid fanaticism, ultimately, they will win.