Vann Harl became editor-in-chief of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when it was bought out by InfiniDim Enterprises. He succeeded the previous editor-in-chief Stagyar-zil-Doggo. In the radio series, it was revealed that he was also Zarniwoop.

Physical description

Harl was considered a smooth-faced individual, by Ford Prefect. He had all the typical behaviours of a businessman, such as steepling his fingers together on a desk as he talked, and standing to look out of a window at the world below as he discussed marketing strategies.

Personality and traits

Harl was a commanding individual, who wasn't afraid to give out orders and expect them to be followed. He was a smooth talker, however he did not always bother with good manners, such as not putting his hand out towards Ford when introducing himself as his new boss. He had a sense of humour and occasionally made jokes, however they were usually at the expense of others. He had no trouble with firing members of staff or threatening to fire them, which he did to Ford several times. Harl was obsessed with the possibilities of the future, especially possibilities which involved him and InfiniDim Enteprises making a lot of money. He had no hesitations with changing how the Guide was sold, such as marketing it towards affluent business travellers instead of "penniless" hitchhikers.



Quintessential Phase


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