Wowbagger Ultrajax was an ancestor of Bowerick Wowbagger. He too became artificially immortal, although he did it by stealing the Quentulous Stone of Firefram, which made the holder immortal, from the Lajestic Vantrashell of Lob, while his descendent had an accident with a particle accelerator and a liquid lunch.

However, after he stole the stone, the Silastic Armorfiends of Striterax began pursuing him, eager to gain the stone for themselves. Wowbagger managed to flee for a long time, and eventually the Silastic Armorfiends gave up. Unfortunately for him, the Strenuous Garfighters of Stug picked up the chase, and he was forced to continue running. The Strangulous Stilettians of Jajazikstak soon joined them.

Wowbagger considered just giving them the stone, but he had now been holding on to it for several million years, and the moment he gave it up he would die. It is unknown what eventually happened to him. For all anyone knows, he's still running.

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