Zarniwoop is a cunning and manipulative executive publisher of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who worked with Zaphod Beeblebrox to discover who rules the universe, even wiping Zaphod's memories to keep their activities secret.


After Zaphod stole the Heart of Gold and experienced the adventures of the Primary Phase, he received a message from himself in a dream, "Go see Zarniwoop". He headed to Ursa Minor Beta to meet him at the headquarters of the Guide. Entering Zarniwoop's office, he stepped into an electronically generated universe, designed expressly to keep him safe.

Beeblebrox and Zarniwoop met up in the artificial universe (after Zaphod had several adventures in it) and headed for the planet that presumably housed the Ruler of the Universe. Zarniwoop was marooned there; by the entire group of heroes in the book series, by Arthur Dent alone in the radio series (leaving Zaphod and Ford Prefect with Zarniwoop).

For the Quintessential Phase radio broadcasts, the character of Zarniwoop was combined with Vann Harl from Mostly Harmless and named Zarniwhoop Vann Harl. In the same Phase, Zaphod claims Zarniwhoop Vann Harl is a Vogon disguised through the use of extensive surgery to pass off as a humanoid, though in the Hexagonal Phase, Ford states that he is only taking bribes from the Vogons instead.


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